Monday, March 10, 2008

Jeff & Leslie's First Family Blog

Hi Everybody,

Okay, for the latest and greatest. We had dinner the other day with Linda and Steve Evans, and we've planned a Cunningham family reunion for the end of July and beginning of August. People are going to start coming in around July 31st, a Thursday and then head back home around the 3rd, a Sunday. On Friday and Saturday we're going to get together at Leslie's family cabin in Fairview, Utah. It is about 1 hour southeast of our home. There's plenty of room at the cabin, but we're suspecting that some people will sleep in motorhomes, tents, or out on the deck. You can go swimming, water-sliding, 9 holes of golf, ride 4-wheelers, go fishing, sight-seeing to some of the most scenic areas of central Utah. It's lots of fun there. Not fancy, but fun, convenient, clean, and lots to do for everyone. Let us know when you'll be coming in. We'll figure out how to accomodate everyone so no one needs to rent hotels.

Jake and Nicole are doing great. You won't believe it but they go out climbing. Nicole is 5 months along. They're due in August. We're really excited to have another grandbaby. We don't know what it is, so it will be a surprise. Jake is creating metal projects pretty regularly, plus on call with a lock-smith in Cedar City. Nicole works at the daycare at Gold's Gym. Nicole goes to SUU and has a couple classes with Courtney (we think?) Jake took a break from George Wythe this semester to work and get ready for the next big push.

Lindsi is living up by the UofU going to school full time and working for a research group that is developing artificial hearts. She'll have to explain it to you. It's along the lines of discovering new galaxies. You know, that simple-minded boring stuff. Pyper takes ice skating lessons at the arena by the U, and has tons of energy. I put her hair in a pony tail Saturday and when I saw her running through the pasture I thought it was Lindsi (20 years ago). Amazing how time flies.

Krissi is going to UVSU, I think? She's decided to go ahead and get her bachelors degree from SUU, and then continue on with her education at UVSU. It was just made into a university. She's studying video digital editing. She's dating a lot, goes to the singles ward, and never seems to take a break.

Courtney is confined to SUU, since she doesn't have a car. We've tried to talk her into hitch-hiking home, but she thinks she needs a limo. She's studying music, plays in bands and orchestras, plays with the Southern Utah Philharmonic Orchestra, blogs, texts, and IMs. She's got lots of friends there, and can't wait until next year when her friends from up here move to Cedar to go to school.

Kinsie is having the time of her life at Riverton High as a senior. Can't believe it. She's graduating in just a couple of months, and is totally immersed in her friends, art, and music. If you need a cartoon done, she's the best. Give her a subject or idea, and she can put it into drawings with expressions. Amazing!


Leslie has been working at home the last few months doing fulfillment jobs for a printer in Orem. She likes not having to be out on the road all day, or in front of the computer editing photos all night. This new job gives her plenty of flexibility. She spends all of her spare time helping the kids with things, visiting neighbors, or serving some way.

I'm still at the Buckner Co working on growing my insurance business. This will be an interesting year. If businesses build or sell less, their insurance will go down accordingly. So, we're going to have to work extra hard to find more clients. Leslie and I were called as Ward missionaries in December, and we've been out visiting our neighbors regularly. It was kind of a scary calling, but everyone has been so nice, and we are really enjoying the opportunities.

Well, everyone take care, and be healthy, and please respond.

Love, Jeff and Leslie and the family